Random folder creation on desktop

Running latest version ubuntu mate on HP envy laptop. I am having random numbers of blank folders being created on the desktop after closing everything, then closing up the laptop, then opening to use again some time later (minutes, hours). Tried logging off before closing laptop, still get blank, random number of folders.
No problems caused excpt a pain to delete them.
Does not always happen. prob 60% of time. ex. Folder 1, Folder 2, etc usually clustered in an area. Not in same place each time.
Any ideas?

For how long does this problem already appear? Do you remember of making any changes to your system or installing any new software? This could help to narrow down the problem.

‘Folder’ is not the default name for new folders, it’s “untitled folder”.
Reading your description of the problem it makes me think of a prank I could run on some of my students to teach them not to leave their sessions unlocked when they leave the room.
A few lines in your ~/.profile, or a new custom startup application?

Does anyone have access to your machine?
Do you see weird activity in your system log files?


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Your correct it is “untitled folder”. Since I was frustrated with this
little nuisance happening so much I have now spent hours pouring through
every file / config I can think of in my home folder directory to no avail.

The keyboard shortcut for creating folders is Shift+Ctrl+N, which I can only think could be a possible reason why random empty folders appear out of nowhere in random places. As far as I know, it’s impossible to change that shortcut, so it could possibly be triggered in other ways.

Do your keys ever get “stuck”? Is there a “sticky keys” feature enabled somewhere accidentally (hardware or software)?

Been getting the exact same problem for the last 30 days or so.
No new software, just regular updates.
Doesn't happen all the times.