Random freezes with Kernel 5.0 on Mate 19.04

I have tried unsuccessfully to install version 19.04 on my Notebook. I tried all the official flavors and got the same problem, it just randomly happens a freeze of the notebook. Something I noticed is that they all use Kernel 5.0. I did not have any problems with the flavors that run Kernel 4.18. Need help. Thank you !
My cpu CPU:

   Quad Core Intel Celeron N3450 (-MCP-) cache: 1024 KB
       clock speeds: max: 2200 MHz 1: 641 MHz 2: 775 MHz 3: 584 MHz 4: 648 MHz

Are you using the -generic kernel?
I have the same CPU and I've noticed some violent freezes when running 4.15.0-48-lowlatency, but it's very stable on the generic 4.X kernels.

Hi, thanks for answering! Can I do this type of installation in MATE 19.04? Do you have any tutorials for this? I use Linux for a year and I do not know very well how to do this kind of installation.

Oh damn sorry I wasn't clear.
-generic is the default kernel installed with any normal Ubuntu MATE setup.
You have to go out of your way to install the -lowlatency kernel, so my guess is your problem isn't related to this. I was just hopping that it might be that because it would have been slightly less of an issue. :/

Use the 4.18 LTS kernel instead of 5.0. Would it be a good alternative?