Rasp 2 marco crashes

usually they happen within a few minutes of each other after a reboot, but will happen on and on for the entire boot of the OS. After about 2 days of the OS being up, the machine becomes so unstable that I can’t get any usable response out of X and I have to reboot via ssh login. Am I just unlucky or maybe only 32MB of ram for GPU is causing this?


I don’t know anything about Raspi but here might be a good place to start?:


Sorry I haven’t seen any other symptoms til now. been monitoring cpu freq. Ive been able to reproduce 3/5 times now. Marco seems to crash any time, there is a big enough event causing a refresh of the screen that occurs when CPU steps up its freq. Anyone else noticing this?
Ubuntu Mate 15.10 atm, is this issue addressed in 15.10.1?

Also noticed the time window in which this occurs is rare and is hard to just make happen. The drawing of a window and the cpu speed increase on CPU have to happen very close together. f