Raspberry 2 + Ubuntu-Mate + Remote Access RDP, boot into desktop

Hi everyone,
my RB 2 runs super well with Ubuntu mate 16.04 .
And I got everything running that I need!
I’m also able to remotely access my RB2- but only AFTER I have booted the RB2 into desktop!
What I want it this:
start my RB2 anytime WITHOUT having to connect a monitor, keyboard and mouse. But just plug it in and access it via RDP on my office PC running Win10.
But RB2 won’t start into desktop directly, even though I’ve put the setting “boot without password”. It still stops at the screen where I have to confirm the boot into desktop manually with one mouse click (without password). If I could only skip that one mouse click I wouldn’t have to connect monitor, keyboard and mouse!
Does anyone have a smart idea how I can get it booting into the desktop without manual confirmation?
Thanking you in advance

SSH too seems to work only after the kid has started into desktop.

See this trick for telling LightDM (the login manager) to automatically log in as a user:

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