Raspberry Pi 2 - Mate 16.04: Continuous Reboot Issue Immediately on Startup

Hello everyone,

So, I downloaded the Ubuntu Mate 16.04 image via torrent and used win32Disk Imager to load the image onto a Samsung 64GB microSD card.

Everything loads fine onto the SD card, I insert it into my Pi2 and it seems to be stuck on a continuous reboot look. The four raspberry pi logos show up for about a second and then the unit restarts. It continues this forever.

I used 15.04 before without any issues.
Has anyone run into this?

What could it be, what kind of diagnostics can I run?

Also - it’s not the power adapter, I am using one that has sufficient power (5v, 3000mA)

Hmm. I have done the exact same things you have done, except I have the 32GB Samsung card. No issues here.


Try disconnecting everything from the USB ports and the 40-pin connector. If that does not work, try a different image with the same card, or this image with a different card.