Raspberry pi 2 model B on ubuntu mate adding rj45 + usb hub hat

Hi hello i just reopen my rpi2b, its been for so long and its on ubuntu mate no longer raspbian. From experience buying an expansion for my rpi2b a touch screen. It came with tailored raspbian. Anyone experience adding a Waveshare "Ethernet / USB HUB HAT for Raspberry Pi, 1x RJ45 Ethernet Port, 3x USB Ports" on a raspberry pi 2 B or below with ubuntu mate?
Raspberry pi2 model B has a build in ethernet RJ45, yes. I am trying to achieve; input on the build in rj45 and share connections output from this hub hat. With ubuntu and python has anyone workon this? like monitoring/analyzing speeds and playing with it, is there an open source out there for this expansion?any details? Thank you very much.

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owh another thing to point out. My python 3 on my pi has two same versions of 3.7? could it be one is tailored?

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The pi2b has a builtin rj45 ethernet (100M), a wired connection. If you want to connect other pc's, I suggest you get a usb wifi dongle that has the ability to be configured as a hotspot, then other pc's can connect to that wifi. You use hostapd to configure the hotspot.

The HAT you describe adds an rj45 and 3 add'l usb ports.

ls -l /usr/bin/py* and you can see the sym. links for python.


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Hope this where i would make it come true

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Thank you, with a usb dongle im limited to its production state. If this waveshare brand is possible i would like to explore its capabilities. Awh, hostapd i will look at it and research further. Its one of those thing/feelin when you wake up, feel ambitious and you feel like you want to develop things hehe.

tq. how would i activate it on my pi? is there a config/script?.. like 1) attach the expansion.. 2)turn on.. 3) how do i install the drivers/make it function to my pi on ubuntu mate?

not until viewing the image i just realize that this so call expansion is just like a dongle, pi connect to this hub hat via usb hahah...sux