Raspberry Pi 2 Users

I very much want to bring a Pi 2 with Ubuntu MATE to my living room. My only concern is control. I’d like to use a wireless keyboard/touchpad combo and want to see if a particular model is the way to go. Everything you shop around for says “Works with Windoze 7/8.1 blah blah blah” but never “Works with Linux”. Is it safe to assume that anything Logitech will work without issue or headaches?

I use a Logitech K400 wireless touchpad and keyboard with my Pi 2 and openelec. It works perfectly fine and has done for Pi or Pi 2 with either Raspbian or openelec. I’ve not tried with Ubuntu MATE but anything with a Linux kernel newer than a few years ago should be fine, including Ubuntu MATE.

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Yes, this is in fact a safe assumption to make. It can't be guaranteed to work but I have never had Logitech products not work out of the box. I have tested keyboards, mice, webcams, headphones and more. I haven't tested bluetooth support though so I can't say for certain on that but it is very likely.

You will need to purchase a Bluetooth dongle for the Pi 2 as I am pretty sure it does not come with Bluetooth support by default.

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Thank you both for responding!