Re-login on locked screen causes like fresh login to mate desktop

Hello supporters, I am new here.
My english not too good, but I need help.

I use Mate Desktop on Debian, on my Thinkpad x230.
While a time if the screen locked, and I want to re-login to my mate session (?) for continue using my opened programs, it closes the graphical session on vty7, prints the following error message: "i2c i2c-2: sendbytes: NAK bailout.", then start the graphical login screen. I can enter my login cretitentials again, and then it starts a fresh mate login, fresh desktop, but my programs (what I used and stay opened before screen lock) gone.
I used Debian 10, all packages upgraded. As display manager I use lightdm.
When I try to use gdm3 for logins, the problem gone if lock screen, but if the laptop entered sleep, no way to wake up. So this isn't solution for me.

The Debian (stable) and Mate installed 14 moths ago, and it frequently upgraded, and if possible, dist-upgraded.
The problem wasn't coming with dist-upgrade, after that works perfectly. So may something other went wrong.

What can I do for resolve my problem?

Thanks, Zoltan from Hungary

This forum is, afaik, specifically for Ubuntu MATE. You are using Debian with MATE so it's best to ask on a Debian forum or other support medium of Debian. :slight_smile:

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Okay, thanks. I look after a better url for me.