Re: The recent forum software upgrade / new coat of paint (Short message: Nice!)

Yesterday, there was a banner up on this site that said the site would be down for maintenance starting ~ 12:00 EST (I don't remember what it was in GMT -- I am just an ignorant American, after all). I had expected some unnoticeable maintenance to have taken place, but boy, I did not expect the appearance of the Web site to significantly change.

I can clearly tell that this forum Web site's theming was changed today, and probably (just my speculation) the Discourse forum software that this site runs was updated too: I noticed that the "Log in" dialog appeared a little different from normal (particularly the more-greeting "Welcome back" message was a nice addition). Looking around some more, topic counts on the "Categories" page are bigger and bolder than they ever have been before (very nice for someone like me who has semi-poor eyesight), and the top-right-hand menus highlight the page you're currently on (great touch!).

All in all, and in short, good job with the Web site re-paint. Even from a stodgy conservative MATE lover like me, it gets a thumbs up. :+1:

Thanks as always to the administrator(s) who keep this place running (and are usually not acknowledged for their work, sadly)!


That's all due to the fine people at Discourse and someone named @lah7

Glad you like the updates :grinning:


Ubuntu MATE Community forum already uses https.

Is it possible in the forum emails, the "Visit Topic" links to use https?