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OP edited: unnecessary coding removed.

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Unneccessary coding?

I was banned after making my first post to this website. Why in the world would you do that?

You haven’t been banned, @wizd3m removed some coding, I think it has happened a few times on the forum where the coding keeps changing and he is just keeping the thread clean!. :smiley:

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Wolfman is correct, you are not banned. Wizd3m was just cleaning up some coding. Your account is good to go :slight_smile:

I received the following text in my inbox:

WimpyProject Leader1dHello,

This is an automated message from Ubuntu MATE Community to inform you that your account has been blocked by a staff member.

Please be aware that you will not be able to create new replies or topics until unblocked by a staff member.

If you have questions regarding this block, please contact a staff members.

For additional guidance, please refer to our community guidelines.

Wolfman & V3xx, in the future, please don’t pretend like I can’t read, or don’t have a brain to use.


And here you are, making a reply, thats got to tell you something.

Hi @Brutal-Moose,

I’m quite sure it was unintentional, as @anon42388993 pointed out above, you can still post, not everything works flawlessly on this forum and with a little patience, it will solve itself!. :smiley:

I was blocked. I was unblocked. I am asking why. I feel like I am assisting you, instead of you assisting me now. Are you trying to improve the poor Linux Experience most users have, or continue it?

I was accidentally blocked, wolfman? I wish I could live in the world of trust that you do, but as you can see above, from v3xx’s posts, society is not like that. What do we do with people who put most of their energy into misunderstanding something?

Hi @Brutal-Moose,

I would say that we try and teach/help them!. :thumbsup:

There’s been a few instances where the forum automatically blocks new users, or holds their post in a “moderation queue” for approval. I don’t really know why, but I believe yours @Brutal-Moose was triggered by a too short reply. Once the forum has known you a while, it’s not as strict.

In the original post, next to the orange/grey pencil, there were 4 spaces at the start which caused it to show as a code block. @wizd3m corrected that for you (although I would have specified the edit reason instead of posting a message which has led to some confusion)

So, sorry you got off on the wrong foot. I’ll update that automated message if the forum automatically blocks a new user again.

I do not appreciate your tone.

This is a small matter that you seem fixed on. Let me help you back to your original thread and put this to rest.