Recognizing windows network

Years ago I installed and ran Ubuntu Mate 16. I was able to open my windows networked computers and access files. I haven't used Ubuntu for some time and decided to try it again, only now with the new version. I cannot access the Windows network and files that I used to be able to access. I am reading that things have changed with samba and all newer gnome distros. So what can I do? Find an older version of linux and use that instead? I have not found any helps since I began looking 2 days ago.

Hi Rick,
Probably I'm not a network expert user to help with this issue, but I've find this tuto. Maybe can guide you the right way.
Hope it helps you.

I tried it all, but now things are really screwed up. My keyboard is now strange. I can't use touchpad like I used to and can't access terminal with ctl alt T. Thinking I probably need to reinstall Ubuntu Mate and start over.