Recommend vokoscreen

I’ve just been watching a review by Ghost67 of the latest UM alpha using a program called Vokoscreen. I have just installed it and tried it out myself and I have to say I am mightily impressed with it. It provides a very smooth web-cast alongside a simultaneous recording of the entire desktop. Hitherto, I have been using Cheese for the web-cast and Recordmydesktop for the screen capture. Recordmydesktop tends to crash occasionally, either during recording or during encoding. With Vokoscreen, no sign of any trouble in this regards, plus it must be encoding on the fly because as soon as I had finished, there was copy of the video in my home/video folder.

Very nice program.



Just need to back track on the above post slightly.

Having an issue with the Vokoscreen picking up my web-cam audio input. It’s probably something I have not done correctly, but until I get it fixed, I thought I should put in this qualification. If there is anyone out there using this program and can give me some advice, I’d be grateful.

I prefer scr (SimpleScreenRecorder).
Has many features.

I really like OBS. It can record your desktop and webcast (even games)