Recommendations for a Screen Recorder

Can anyone recommend a screen recorder that supports audio. I don’t need anything fancy, just something to demonstrate programs/workflows with a voice over and exports to webm or similar.

I’ve used recordmydesktop a few times. It takes input from the mic and I believe it does export to webm.

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Crikey that was fast, thanks, Rob! Were you happy with it? I should have mentioned too that I want something that’s easy on system resources.

Haha, yeah I happen to be scrolling through my tabs and saw there was something new. I’ve been pretty happy with it. It seems to be pretty light on resources. I’ve used it to record 1080 Minecraft videos with no more lag than to be expected.

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I used SimpleScreenRecorder last week to make the Ubuntu MATE user interface switcher video. Worked fine on my lowly Thinkpad x61s.

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Thanks for the suggestions chaps; I’ll give them a whirl over the weekend.

I’ve always used recordmydesktop. Very reliable. I’ve even used it to record live iplayer video streams in full screen mode.

Thanks everyone. Got to play around with them over the weekend and I settled on recordmydesktop although I did like SimpleScreenRecorder too.

Closing this as solved…