Recovering accidentally deleted folder with no disk space left

Hi, I am on Ubuntu 14.04. somehow i deleted ( shift +delete) a java project folder from my work space. When i tried to recover it using testdisk, in the middle of the process it stopped telling me that i have no more space left. Now my /home partition is full, and when i log in with my user account the screen just freezes and show just the background image. Still, i can log in GUest session .
I don’t know exactly where the recovery had stored the data so i can delete them via recovery mode. I know it is not related to this blog, but i need really your help guys. Thank you

Unfortunately, as it seems you have restored the data to the same destination disk as to where the lost files are stored (bad idea! It’s possible it rewrote onto itself). Now that the partition is full, chances of recovering the data that was once there is pretty slim.

Try booting up into a live session and mount your /home partition. Then use MATE Disk Analyser (from System Tools) to find out where those large files are. Try to regain as much space as you can, then you should be able to reboot and log in to your desktop as normal again.

You could try using testdisk again from the live session, and see if you’re lucky. Backups will come handy next time.

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