Redshift - Ubuntu 18.10

I’ve installed Redshift some time ago using “Software Boutique”.

After upgrading to Ubuntu MATE 18.10 a notification message asks for permission to use “geoclue” after the PC is restarted.
If you click:

  • No => Redshift quits
  • quickly click Yes => Redshift runs correctly adjusting the color temperature of your monitor
  • delayed click Yes => Redshift quits

Found following solution - for my PC - from here:

  • sudo pluma /etc/geoclue/geoclue.conf
  • add following:

[redshift] allowed=true system=false users=

  • save the file
  • restart the PC

Hope this helps.


Thank you. This solved my problem.

Does Redshift running without “geoclue”?

It should work - see the solution here:

You may want to check the Redshift web page for the configuration file:

ok, I’ll try it out. Thanks.

Solved Redshift Error on Startup with 18.10.