Release-upgrade from 18.04 to 20.04

My version is running on an Odroid-XU4. Update refer to armhf. In April I received an announcement about end of support for 18.04, but could not upgrade. Today, when I try do-release-upgrade I get a message that there is no new LTS available.

My second hardware of same type still was on 16.04. I could do a release-upgrade to 18.04. After upgrade and reboot I immediately got a message about a new version and now the upgrade to 20.04 is running.

Why is there no upgrade available for the machine I mentioned first?
Would it help to modify upgrade to take non-LTS versions and switch back when 20.04 is reached?
The machine is used a a backup-server (retreiving the backups of all my running computers) and I want to avoid setting up all from scratch by running a fresh installation with 20.04LTS.

Is my problem too special with that hardware?

Thanks for helping

Supported releases of Ubuntu-MATE currently are

  • Ubuntu MATE 20.04 LTS,
  • Ubuntu MATE 21.04, and
  • Ubuntu MATE 21.10.

Ubuntu-MATE 21.04 will reach EOL next month so it's the next non-LTS to reach EOL.

No non-LTS releases are supported before 21.04, and the release-upgrade tools will not let you upgrade to a unsupported release (so changing a 16.04/18.04 system to use non-LTS achieves nothing; it'll currently only impact upgrades from 20.04).

(Ubuntu 18.04 LTS is still supported for Ubuntu Desktop, Ubuntu Server, Ubuntu Cloud, and Ubuntu Base which means packages in common with a Ubuntu-MATE 18.04 system still receive upgrades & security fixes, but that doesn't include any Ubuntu-MATE specific packages).

Sorry I know nothing about your hardware, so cannot comment specifically about that.

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Thanks to guiverc. Seams that it's not the right place for Odroid-specials.

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