Remote Desktop from Windows 10 to Ubuntu MATE

After reading some stuff (mostly outdated, unfortunatly) - I want to ask if there is a way to have ubuntu machine connected with a Windows 10 machine (both in the same Network, not connecting from “outside”), so that I can run the ubuntu machine without a Screen, mouse and Keyboard attached?

Which means, that I need to have the connection in place and running, when (or even before) the light-dm popus up, so I can Login my user from the Windows System.

I want to see the ubuntu machine run in a window (like 1280x800 or so) on my Windows Desktop as save as possible.

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There’s two remote desktop programs you could use:

  • XRDP - Uses Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol, so this will work with Remote Desktop Connection on Windows. I think this one is likely to have packages for PowerPC.

  • X2GO - Requires the client to be installed on Windows, the server is a one click install in newer versions of Welcome – This bit offers a more functional remote desktop experience, like printers, drives and sound redirection. The only problem is that there may not be any packages for PowerPC.

I presume you’re running on a PowerPC system with the topic being in the PowerPC category.

Thanks for that quick reply,

yes, that´s right I´m on a PPC G4 1.43Ghz MacMini, which I want to Setup as an owncloud Server, someday :wink:

(First I want to have Basic System and remote goining)

So XRDP will be the tool, I am looking for?! Is it secure (ssh Tunneling)?
Can you be a bit more specifiy, how XRDP works, please?

Like will: update-rc.d Defaults activate xrdp on boot?

xrdp uses the RDP protocol (the same one used on Windows) which under the hood uses the VNC protocol localy to spawn and interact with a X desktop (not the same session as the one logged in locally). There's no SSH involved.

It's as secure as the RDP protocol gets (questionable...), X2GO uses SSH and X forwarding - it is much superior if latency isn't an issue, but I don't think there is a server package for PPC. (I would love a server package for the Raspberry Pi)

The easiest way is to install from a terminal:

sudo apt-get install xrdp

Then you're ready to connect! It automatically runs as a service and at start up. Specify your IP address (found under the network applet -> Connection Information) in the Remote Desktop client found in Windows.

That's all there is to it really. Next (optional) steps would be to disable the graphical session locally. Be careful not to lose connection, since reconnecting can spawn a new session, instead of re-using the old one. :frowning:

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ok, thanks again!

I think, having ssh protection is not that important, if port 5900 is not forwarded in router and port is not explicit opened in router´s Firewall, I believe?

So for doing “remote in a home-network” it should be fine, as Long as I not open ports, so I (and may others) can connect from outside this Network?

Correct. You’ll be connecting via your internal IP address (e.g. and not the external IP (e.g. - No ports need to be opened on the router, no hackers to invite themselves in. :wink:

great, works like a charm!

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