Remote Desktop with VNC on Ubuntu Mate with RPI 3

Hey, everyone, I want to remote desktop my RPI 3 with Ubuntu Mate 16.04 on it. I want to use vnc ,but the thing is when I go to raspi-config to enable vnc it is not there. I got it to work on raspbian because it had that option to enable vnc. Do I need to install some packages for that option to be on raspi-config?

I am using it with Mate.

You need to download the .deb from the webpage:

Then to start it:

I want to enable VNC on every boot so I have to run this command.

sudo systemctl enable vncserver-x11-serviced.service

I did it and it gave me this.
Failed to execute operation: No such file or directory

I downloaded VNC too already.

Why not try teamviewer for armhf?ww

I have used vnc for raspbian and I liked it. I just don’t know why ubuntu mate does not have the option to enable it.

I think I might just use xrdp instead.


I have it running without issues. If I run the command: sudo systemctl enable vncserver-x11-serviced.service, I do not get the error you get. Maybe try to re-install it?