Remote network configuration

Is there any way to remotely configure network(e.g. vpn) setting in UM15.10?

I haven’t tried this, but assuming you’re using SSH, this answer may be useful:

And also this page on configuring VPN Clients from the command line:

I’m not sure if you can directly alter the networking manager as used for the GUI.

However, if you’d like to use the GUI, you could install xrdp and remotely access a desktop session (via RDP / a client like Remmina) to configure your network connections as you would locally on the desktop GUI.

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I’m using xrdp, but i don’t have access to network setting like ethernet or vpn remotely.


so in linux i have learned one thing if you cant solve it with the GUI solve it with terminal. Some people complains about it and many see it as a disadvantage that linux system still rely on terminal and that give creeps to some people. But try enable SSH in you pc and you will probably will be able to configure what ever you want.
Install OpenSSH and configure your PC from there. I use both RDP and SSH choosing which to use based on what i want to do. remote configuration is always SSH if i want to start an app i use RDP

It seems to work here for me. I use indicators on the panel, and connecting via xrdp allows me to access the network configuration dialog (Connections IndicatorEdit Connections) -- Unless this is because I am already locally logged in and permissions are "less restricted" than only accessing the user session via xrdp.

The other way is via System → Internet and Network → Network Connections.

Otherwise, I'd opt towards @skeleton's approach, since the configuration is easy to modify whether it's a local terminal or remote connection.

Edit: Actually, I think you're running 15.10 on the Raspberry Pi 2, which doesn't seem have the same behaviour as the desktop version:

Can you edit your network or vpn(e.g. create a new vpn connection) remotely?what do mean from being locally logged in?
Have you made any change in your user account privileges?

Over xrdp on the desktop, yes, I am able to login and open the Network Connections dialog as normal. If I attempt to save a new VPN connection, an authentication dialog appears. Since I don't have a VPN to test, I can only assume it would succeed.

I presume you're using the Raspberry Pi version, so I cannot be sure if this behaves the same.

No, I haven't modified the account's privileges that would impact networking.

I meant that I am already logged in to my computer locally, but also opened up a xrdp session in the background, so I'm logged in to 2 places at once. In my experience, I'm able to do "more" administrate things that otherwise says I do not have permission -- like flashing an SD card remotely and mounting external drives.

I’m using raspberry pi2.
I detected another issue that is probably related to our current problem:
After adding an account as administrator and remotely logging in to that new account, there isn’t any network configuration and any attempt to make a connection shows this message:
(32)No session found for uid 1001(unknown).

I found a solution, by logging in as root account it is possible to edit network properties like adding/deleting vpn connections remotely.
But is it possible to add this ability to other accounts?

Possibly, I'm not sure how the permissions differ under xrdp. A workaround is to open the Network Properties dialog as root:

gksudo nm-connection-editor

There isn’t any problem in opening connection editor, the problem is in edit/delete icons(right side).