Remove default applications entries permanently from MATE classic menu


How remove default applications entries permanently from Mate CLASSIC menu?

I can de-select it via menu-editor but the files are then as .undo files
stored in "/home/user/.local/share/applications"

When I delete the .undo files, then the default application entries came back.

I want a clean applications folder and not duplicates and triplicates

Which files must I edit?

??? files in:

Please help, thanks!

I think I have now figured out how to change the default entries in the Classic Mate menu without them jumping back to the default entries.

To change the default entries in the Classic Mate menu I edit
all entries (name.desktop) under "/usr/share/applications".

Do I need to run after that this commands?

update-desktop-database ~/.local/share/applications
update-desktop-database /usr/share/applications

I use the classic menu. The easiest way is to navigate to System>Preferences>Look and Feel> Main Menu. From there click on the menu side for the category you want then on the item side you can uncheck the application you want off the menu or highlight it and delete it permanently. You can also add entries and change the default icon from here. I prefer doing things by the GUI myself, I am not a very good typist!


yes, right @ jymm,
so you can do it, but the default entries come back with me.

I want to have it completely tidy and clean.

I take the way with edit default entries (name.desktop) under "/usr/share/applications".

damn, if you rename the default applications whose shortcut to "/usr/share/applications" or remove those you don't need then after a reboot the desktop doesn't work properly for me.

Does anyone know where I can find a CUSTOMIZE HowTo for the Classic Mate menu?

I would like to permanently remove complete default entries from the menu which I do not use/need.

Do I need also edit this files in "/usr/share/applications"


Which applications links must be in "/usr/share/applications" as a minimum so the desktop is working without any errors.

Deleted some files example:
Screen Magnifier
Screen Reader

Login Window

and so on

After reboot my desktop did not work properly anymore. Therefore I had to import a backup again.

Does anyone have an idea or knows how to permanently change/delete the default entries under "/usr/share/applications".
without the desktop then no longer works properly?

I just found out that you can also HIDE all default entries
"/usr/share/applications" in the Classic MATE Menu and with in "Open with... (list)"
can easily be made to disappear.

Edit all default applications files
under "/usr/share/applications" which are not needed/to HIDE completly in the Classic MATE Menu and in the "Open with... (List)"

Add the following to the end of the .desktop file:


(save it)

Now default entries are completly hides.