Remove unconfined snaps on Ubuntu 22.04


I think Ubuntu Mate is the best Linux distro but there is an issue that I don't like at all. On 20.04, it installs without asking 2 unconfined snaps for desktop themes and welcome screen. My request is that you remove these snaps on Ubuntu 22.04, or at least, make the install optional.

Kind regards

Please see -

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In a clean installation of Ubuntu Mate, if you run:

$ snap list

You can see 2 snaps with "classic" confinement (full access to everything with your user rights). I don't remember the names, I uninstalled them time ago, but they are clearly related to Welcome screen and something about desktop themes. If you run the command in your system you will see them. And they are not from Canonical account, it's another name without the green "V".