Removing a partition

I have an old HP5310m laptop, it has a 120Gb HDD, which I partitioned to try out both Ubuntu Mate and Linux Mint.
I am happy with Mate, it does all I need it to do.
How can I remove the Linux Mint partition and free up 60Gb of HDD space?


You can boot your laptop via a live usb stick and use gparted to manipulate partitions.

Hi :slight_smile:
Ubuntu mate have a disk manager called "Disks" - you can find it in the menu of mate.

Once there, select your partition you want to delete and use the buttons to stop & remove it :

(here i have only one data partition, but you will see also your other where i made the rectangle.

Delete it and nor extend the ubuntu mate partition or create a new one for some data.

Good luck ! :slight_smile:

pavlos_kairis is correct Sand319, partition management is best done from outside your MATE install using your live USB flash drive. Gparted is an excellent tool.


Make sure you know where your boot loader is, if you delete/shrink/move the wrong partition it could delete the boot manager. Which OS was installed first? Which OS occupies the first part of your disk?