Removing chromium

In my Internet menu I have chromium browser installed. I have tried to remove chromium as follows
sudo apt-get purge chromium
uninstalling through the boutique application manager

Chromium remains and will open if clicked on.

You didn't mention which version of Ubuntu MATE you have installed. In later versions of Ubuntu Chromium has been switched to a snap.

In the command line can you run this:

snap list

If you see chromium

Then run: sudo snap remove chromium


Thanks it worked. I am uncertain what occurs when I install chromium through the boutique. Does 2 versions of chromium exist on the system?

It's complicated :grinning:

During the 19.10 release Chromium was changed from a .deb package to a snap package. The .deb of Chromium became a transitional package that installed the snap package.

ATM Software Boutique does not support snap (or flatpak), support for those will hopefully come in a future release.

You can read a lot more details about this here: