Removing ImageMagick


I am new to Ubuntu MATE and the MATE DE.

I recently installed this distro and found a program called "ImageMagick", which I don't want, since I'm not going to use it, I also have limited space and would be good for me to save some space on my hard drive.

So... when I went to the software boutique , I couldn't find any option to delete it, I wentto the "image" category there and the program isn't there...? How do I delete it?

Thanks for the help!

That is weird. I don't have ImageMagick in my installation. Also, when I installed UM, there was an option for a minimal install. Maybe you could try that. Otherwise, you could open Synaptic and select ImageMagick for removal.

It's possible that you may actually need imagemagick as a dependency for something else, but if you really want it gone you can always do this from the terminal to remove it:

sudo apt remove --purge imagemagick

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You never know you need something until you delete it and then find it had it's uses...
Given that this utility is only used from the command line, I doubt you will save very much space by deleting it but if you need to obtain more space there are many things you can do first which will by far be more effective.
Personally, I'd leave ImageMagick well alone where it is.

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Actually that is what I did, a minimum install

Just un-tick it in the system>preferences>look and feel>Main menu>graphics and it won't show in your menu. If you are not a terminal/command line guy that works with graphics it is not a needed program. Again it is small. I have removed it with Synaptic and never had a problem, but leaving it(which I do now) won't make any difference.

So what installations install Image Magick by default? Like I mentioned earlier, I don't see it installed on my systems. Ubuntu Mate 20.04.2 LTS.

it was installed by default on my recent installation from scratch of 21.04

it was installed by default on my 20.04 LTS installations too (5 different computers). I did all fresh installs not upgrades.

Thanks. I did one fresh install and one upgrade, neither have Image Magick.

where did you look?