Repartitioning taking forever

I'm trying to install 22.04 along an existing Ubuntu system. The repartitioning of my 1 Tb drive has been running for about 24 hours now and I'm concerned. The system is responsive to keyboard and mouse input, although I can't get the system monitor to open, so I don't know if this is partitioning or caught in a loop.

I'm trying to keep access to all my files, even though they're backed up, and I'm afraid of interrupting the process and being left with a messed up drive. I can be patient as long as I can be confident that this is just because I have a big drive on an older computer, but it would be really nice if there were a way of knowing that this is what's going on.

The installer help says that the repartitioning could take a "long time." Is my situation just an example of how long a long time can be, or should I give up, reboot, and manually repartition?

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are you moving the partition or installing because if you are moving the partition that can take a ridiculously long time, also certain types of formatting can take a while, but I would've though on most anything it would be finished in 24 hours unless maybe you chose the option to overwrite the whole partition with 1s and 0s which also may take a very long time how long idk

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I'm creating a new partition within the installer for Mate to install. So it is essentially moving a partition.

it should not take that long to create a partition I don't think somebody that's more familiar should answer for sure, but it shouldn't take that long

It would be better if before installing the second OS to make room on your disk. If ubuntu 22.04 had 1TB, then using a live usb you could shrink the partition to 600 GB, the rest raw. Then you could install mate on the raw 400 GB. The /boot/efi should handle booting either to ubuntu 22.04 or mate. Example ...

/dev/sda1 512MB  vfat  /boot/efi
/dev/sda2 600GB  ext4  ubuntu22.04
/dev/sda3 400GB  ext4  mate

when you boot ubuntu 22.04 you use sda1 & sda2 when you boot mate, you use sda1 & sda3


I gave up and am trying to do that but it's taking forever just to get past "Updates and other software", even though I chose not to have those downloaded. This whole process has been a nightmare.

if updates take forever, make sure you have a good connection and use another mirror.

I wasn't connected and told it not to download updates. I just wanted to get to a usable system as quickly as possible.

I am giving up on the assumption that I'm getting disc problems in a nine-year-old computer. Time to upgrade.

Based on what you described, a dying disk sounds highly probable.

I had a disk dying on me recently, I could read from it, write to it but I was unable to create new files.

I finally tried several low-level tools but to no avail. It behaved like frozen: the disk was dead.

You might try to get a replacement disk.

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You were lucky if you could retrieve data. When my disk died I rebooted and it said no media. It is why it is so important to back up to some other media like an external hard drive or good size USB drive.