Request additional screen radiation feature at night

I want screen radiation feature, to make it easy on the eyes for Ubuntu MATE next release :sunglasses:

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You mean like Redshift? IIRC it was included on the 21.04 daily iso's but it had to be removed because of issues with it. So it won't be included in the release after all. Maybe the next one.

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You can install Redshfit and set location to manual in config file because auto-location is not working correctly for me.


Find longitude and latitude for your location and put in config.


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That's a bummer for Redshift as my eyes would be burnt without it.
Started looking for alternatives and found sct (for Screen Color Temperature) in the repos.

sct 2800 will set the temperature to 2800k, sct will reset it to 6500k. That will do the trick for me until a solution is found.

I hope the Redshift issue is removed in Ubuntu MATE 22.04 LTS and can be used. Or use alternative Redshift, just like Kubuntu's night radiation :heart_eyes: