Request to add custom locations on Weather forecast panel applet


I request ubuntu_mate team to improve it’s weather forecast applet as it has very limited location facility. Better if it could be integrated with open weather or yahoo woeid service for custom location. UM18.04.1. I dont want to add any 3rd party app using PPA. I tried my weather indicator but it did not start properly in bionic. Hope default weather indicator would be enough for it. thank you.


I like your idea if possible. I am not sure who provides the weather data, but many Android apps now let the user select the weather data provider from a list of providers…


You can make a request to the upstream Mate GitHub page.


could you provide me the link of the said page? thanks


This is not a new request. Currently MATE uses a hardcoded list of airport weather stations… Pretty outdated, but it would be a large rewrite to change it.

I would like this change too.


Add me to the list to provide more places. Not a lot of areas available in Puerto Rico in the mate-weather applet.

Adding the Air Quality Index would also be nice.


@Cold - I tried adding extra data from Puerto Rico earlier this year, and managed to get Vieques and at least one other airport station. I found a database with airport weather station codes, but most of them didn’t actually work, unfortunately.

I’ll see if I can revive that branch. What municipality are you looking for?


Looking for Humacao.


@Cold - yeah, I tried adding the Humacao Airport, but it doesn’t have an ICAO code, so we cannot handle its weather data (based on the current code at least).

I’ve been trying to clean up the PR mess of airports: coordinates are all wrong, some of the codes are outdated, LMM airport is in Carolina, not in San Juan, etc… anyway, I will push some changes, but there’s really not a lot of extra data unless we change the underlying libs…

Here’s what I have so far:

The only ones that work from that list are:

  • Rafeal Hernandez
  • Luis Muñoz Marin
  • Roosevelt Roads (which doesn’t exist anymore of course, so technically it’s the Jose Aponte, using the old Roosevelt Roads code)
  • Isla Grande (that’s the Ribas Dominicci one, but I’ve never heard anyone call it that, though, so I’ll put Isla Grande Airport in parentheses)

So for you the closest would probably be either Fajardo or Vieques, but neither of those work… I’m from Caguas and there’s no airpor there, so I just use LMM by default


@Cold - So I have another update for you. I was able to find the forecast zones for PR and added them. Now I can see weather forecast for pretty much all regions in PR. Still no current weather data on most airports, but I think the Ceiba one could work for you: it has a working code (for the old Roosevel Roads base) and weather forecast. It’s as close as I can get to Humacao currently… I’ll try to push these changes later today.

This needs to be fixed so that it’s not a manual process… adding airport codes by hand is not fun :stuck_out_tongue:


@Cold - I’ve submitted a new pull request to update data from PR:

Unfortunately, there are only 4 working METAR stations in Puerto Rico, all of them have forecast data now, so that’s an improvement. Hopefully this helps a bit (once merged, this update should make it into the next MATE release, 1.22, so it might be a while before you see it in Ubuntu - maybe 19.04?)

Now on to actually fix where we grab data from - I’ll look at API documentation of the weather services we use to see if they can do reverse lookups.


Thanks for the help @vkareh. Didn’t know there was another Boricua(or resident?) here. :slight_smile:

And yeah, once I tried to see if I could add my location by copying the info a place needed into the applet, boy what a headache that was.


@Cold - boricua 100% born and raised in Caguas. But now in living in cold cold Michigan (although my family is still down there) :slight_smile:


Ah Caguas native, what a small world. :grinning:

I got a question for you; With xfce using some mate programs recently(like the screensaver and some others), what are the chances that mate folks could integrate some of xfce stuff? Their weather applet seems to be a great improvement for the one mate has with a lot more cities/countries/etc. Don’t know if you can add another web source in that one though.


Small world indeed!

I’ve actually pulled stuff from XFCE before. It’s getting nicer with every update, and we’ve talked about collaborating with them. I’ll see what I can do. That weather applet looks really good.


I like the idea of a weather app in UM. Any chance that we could include one in the Software Boutique?