Requesting updated Ubuntu MATE screenshot for the Ubuntu Flavors display on

Hey guys! The Ubuntu Community Team is updating the screenshots for the Ubuntu flavours | Ubuntu page on On behalf of the team, I would like to request some help with this.

If you would like, I can generate the screenshots myself and ask for the development team to sign off on them. Or if it would be more preferable, I can simply take a screenshot of the latest Ubuntu MATE 22.04.1 provided by the development team. Or if the current screenshot already accurately represents Ubuntu MATE 22.04.1, we can simply leave the existing screenshot as-is.

The current screenshots are mostly widescreen (and the one non-widescreen screenshot is intended to be replaced by a widescreen one), so widescreen screenshots are likely more preferable than 4:3 screenshots.

Thank you for your time, and thank you for all of the effort you've been putting into making Ubuntu and Ubuntu MATE awesome!

Aaron Rainbolt
Ubuntu Member

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Here's a screenshot of Ubuntu MATE 22.04.1, as a possible candidate for the new screenshot to be displayed on the Ubuntu Flavors page. Let me know what you think! (The full-sized screenshot is 1920x1080, but I've shrunk it here for the sake of not bogging down Discourse.)