Resize Brisk Menu in Mutiny

I’m not a big fan of full screen menu, which is why I don’t use it on Unity. In Mutiny, I can’t seem to find that option. I hope that this gets added in the future. There’s so much wasted space, IMO.

I think you can enable the regular sized menu in Mutiny by installing Dconf Editor with sudo apt-get install dconf-editor; then after opening it make a search for ‘brisk’; and then after clicking the entry look for the bottom line which reads “Window type”. After making sure “Use default value” is off, change the “Custom value” to Classic.

Edit: The above method didn’t and doesn’t work for me in any of the layouts unless I also remove Brisk Menu from the panel and then re-add it.

&& regarding the actual feature you want, from the looks of things it seems the Dash style menu can only get better, so with some lobbying, there’s hope.

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if you are meaning more the same style of menu, but like Unity came as default that is not really currently available, maybe with panther menu but that does not work real well in my experience