Restore saved Panel Layout

Hi! I decided to save my panel layout considering that I had taken a lot of time to set it up perfectly. Then, I wanted to test how Compiz handled the different layouts so I tried different layouts in the Mate Tweak Interface menu. I quickly realized that all my icons and configurations I had before had disappeared completely, and I guess restored to default.

Now, I can’t seem to find my particular saved layout in the menu. I remember a file location of the saved configuration, but I have no idea how to retrieve it. Can I successfully restore my saved panel layout exactly like it was before, or is there some sacrifice to this solution? How do I do that?

I tried different layouts in the menu and OpenSUSE seemed to resemble what I had somewhat, but it wasn’t even near all the things I had set up. I hope that wasn’t the saved Layout.

Thanks for taking the time to help me out. I’m quite new to Linux.

Hi @J.M, You should find it at /usr/share/mate-panel/layouts and on mine I see 2 files:


You should have a Custom: (username)-tweak in the selections to get back to it. Replace (username) with yours. Is it missing?

So, I checked the directory and found no such description. No tweak, no username. Only the basic ones are there I guess, and “default” , whatever that is - and that particular one is not in the selections on the Mate tweak user interface list. But that’s irrelevant I guess and it’s lost because I don’t have any of those files you mention. One thing I don’t understand is, when I choose OpenSUSE from the list, my sticky notes comes back, and just a tiny bit of the layout I had before, but it’s not complete at all. Why would it save as OpenSUSE and not as (my username)-tweak?

Btw, I could be more specific and explain how I saved the layout. I simply clicked the button “Save Panel Layout” below the list, in Mate Tweak interface menu as mentioned.

Thanks for your reply.

Well dang, I wonder what happened. Especially if you remember the message about it saving.

Some things I’d be looking at is date on the files (modified date is the usual in Caja). Latest files that are not mine are Apr 29 2016. And opensuse.layout is Feb 15 2016. HTH