Rhythmbox + Cover Art, not working?

Could anybody please tell me how to get Rhythmbox to search online for cover art? plugin is installed by default, yet if I press fetch under preferences, nothing…
I am used to Nero, as a place of reference, this is fairly straight forward there, maybe Rhythmbox is not the best choice? Maybe a two step approach is better, rip then tag, unsure, open to sugggestions…


Hi @smartnoise,

all I can see is the album cover showing at the top, it won't show in the left window pane?:

As an alternative, I use Amarok (It will install a lot of KDE packages but worth it!). :smiley:

I am not even getting the artwork at the top, unless it was in the folder I imported from windows, where I’d used Nero. I don’t seem to be able to get Rhythmbox to search internet for cover art…

Audex looked promising but alas same issue, no cover art actually downloads, banshee also suffered same fate, would seem as if plugins are not working, although installed.

I shall look at Amarok, thanks for the suggestion.

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I’m not digging very deep, but found this about webkit.

Some additional hits here.

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Well, looks as though folks just said webkit is broken, no resolve, case closed…So I guess at this point, no cover art. it sounded as though they say it worked in 16.04 but I beg to differ!
Well, I may stand corrected…just unchecked all plugins but coverart, ripped cd, which is painfully slow on rhythmbox, right clicked properties, fetch artwork, and it magically appeared?
I shall try to duplicate with a more obscure title, stay tuned!