Rights for hdmi audio

I’ve setup a machine as a media box in my livingroom. I have my first user account with a password for administrating the machine. Under users and groups I created a second user that will automatically login and run kodi.

I ran into an issue with audio over hdmi until I added myself to the “audio” group and rebooted. This worked for the first account but not the second. I then checked off all the same permissions as the first account but still no luck.

What is required to give a user rights to send audio over hdmi?

HI @rasb23,

I don't think you would need permission, it may be simply a case of the wrong hardware being addressed?:

Have you checked your group management settings? (System > Administration > Users & Groups):

I was sure there was a lot more to this but after a lot of testing and learning I discovered your completely right.

Profile needed to be set to HDMI 2 (Defaulted to 1). Once that was set, not only does it come up sooner but also retains the audio after a reboot.

Thanks for the patience in answering simple issues

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