Rocking WIndows!


Just wanted to share. My work requires the use of windows…they issued me a Vostro Laptop with an I3. It is a dog, especially once you have connectwise, bomgar, labtech and office docs open.

So I decided to suck it up and use my personal laptop. Mind you it’s a powerhouse. But I threw Windows 7 in a VM and it is running better in virtualbox on my Ubuntu-Mate Machine than it did on my laptop.

Here is a pic of me running dual display, windows on one side and Mate the other… Loving it!


Am I the only one whos Laptop looks bad with BlackMate theme ? :disappointed:


I actually just switched to Yuyo-Dark.


You can try Numix too


Radiant suits me. I need something brighter in winter.


I love dark themes like BlackMate and I would like Yuyo-Dark had a darker theme . But I really love the themes from Satanic Ubuntu . They are the best for me . Always .


I am really enjoying Yuyo-Dark…nice balance.


VirtualBox is the only way to run Windows....truth.


Love the pic!. :smiley:


Thanks, dude…and yes, Linux ROCKS !! Period. :grinning:


Hi Rick,

do you have this in a higher res as it looks “yucky” on my 23 inch monitor?. :smiley:


I just put a hi-def image up for you here. Scroll down a little and you’ll see it.

Happy GNU Year 2016 !!! :grinning:


Thanks Rick.

Happy New Year to you too!. :smiley:


Current link to high resolution of “MATE dumps Windows” image.


Mint-Y Dark isn’t that bad either if you like dark flat themes.


I'm using Arc-Dark on all my machines these days.

sudo apt install arc-theme