Roll back to stock firmware on Asus RT-AX56U router

I need to revert to the stock Asus firmware from Asus-Merlin on my router but cannot find any decent guidance for achieving this in Linux. The only instructions I can find is using the firmware application for windows. Has anybody done this successfully and how did you do it?.

I've never had an ASUS router, but a quick internet search suggests the router has a "rescue mode". Even though officially it involves a Windows tool, another user on Reddit was able to access the router's webpage and upload using the web browser while in this mode.

The firmware can be found under "Other" OS on the ASUS website:

(If outside the UK, try your local ASUS website since the firmware might not be compatible)

Changing IP settings (if necessary) is fairly straight forward in Ubuntu MATE using the network applet. Good luck!

I can't see how this is related to Ubuntu MATE or the MATE desktop. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, i`ll take on board your suggestions and hopefully get sorted

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Likely this ASUS router runs a form of Linux too :slight_smile:

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