Router USB thumb drive sharing



After a fresh install of 18.04, I find that my USB drive in my home network router is no longer available through “Network” but still working on another Mate 16.04 PC
when I click Browse Network now it only shows “Windows Network” in older system I had “T-Gatway/ usbdrive/” as well. I don’t use “[email protected]!?” anymore so don,t need to share with any other than my Mate PC’s
All I had to do was copy my file then open the router drive and past in the file, which is all I really need
I have forgotten how I set it up, any suggestions greatly appreciated
Have since read about Samba-Share and Caja and tried setting this up and now i have some Pictures folder that is no good to me
I understand the need for windows 10 security problems but i have dumped microsoft and don,t need any of that so why should people like me still have to bow down to him.
If it wern't broke, why fix it ???? IT was so simple before, gees i'll have to go back to 16.04 or find some other version


Hello Gege,
I had the same problem and I opened caja window to any folder and went 'File', 'Connect to Server'.
When the dialog box appeared I set the Type: spinbox to 'Windows Share', then entered my router's IP address in the top field called 'Server:', and optionally set a bookmark down near the bottom of the dialog window. I didn't need to enter anything in any of the other fields, I just left them all blank, no username, no password or anything.
It seems to be working okay for me for the time being at least. I can now browse the files again that I put in there ages ago.
Setting a bookmark name was a waste of time though, mine came up named after the USB's file system name automatically regardless. It has celled itself 'verbatim storengo'.


Hi Herman,
Fantastic, followed your walk through and every thing works.
I really appreciate your effort, you have explained it so i could try it and i got it work and because there was no terminal work involved i could work it all out. Great.
Thank you.:smiley:


Well done Gege, and thanks for your positive feedback.

Gnu-Linux operating systems are quite user friendly these days, we can do almost everything using GUI but it still seems easier for some reason to give people terminal commands in web forums. I'm not sure why. I was going to advise you to try 'netstat -nr' if you needed to find out your router's IP address. However, you can instead install a cool app called 'Network Tools'. (available since the very first Ubuntu release, Ubuntu 4.10, 'Warty Warthog'). It looks like it has been renamed 'gnome-nettool' in Synaptic Package Manager. In the netstat tab you can easily get your gateway IP address.

By the way I was wrong about the bookmark not being given the name I assigned it, but it was my own fault. I had my caja side pane in 'tree' view, once I switched to 'Places', the bookmarks appear with the right labels. My silly mistake.

Anyhow, it has been a pleasure to help you and I hope you have a nice day.