Run Android x86 on uMate

to run a virtualized version of Android x86 (for PC) on your Ubuntu Mate system follow these steps:

  1. Install a virtualization program such as Virtual Box. To do that click on
    System -> Administration -> Software Boutique
    then search for Oracle VirtualBox then install it.

  2. Download Android image installation file from here:
    *I tried the last link which was for version 5.1 and confirm it is working fine.

  3. I tried the live cd version but for an install you can the follow this guide:

Once done maybe you want to try Kingdom Rush and its sequels Frontiers & Origins

Enjoy it & good luck :slight_smile:


edit: Replacing my entire post to say:

  1. Thank you for this tip - awesome!
  2. For me, when Virtualbox captures the cursor, it won’t let go. I’ve used it before, so it’s just working differently this time. I’ll google why and come back with a solution - assuming I come up with one! lol

edit2: Solution: It appears if you have the feature to show where your cursor is when you hit a CTRL key, you will have to remap the VBox “HOST” key to something else. For me, right-Windows-key is working fine now.

Hope this helps anyone else. :slight_smile: