Run Locally Built Caja

After building Caja is there an option to run the locally built version? Looking at the the launch script there is a debug option and some information about library loading, etc.

Is there an easy way to run a local copy, or is that too much of a mess with all the shared libraries, etc?

Is the best way to debug to copy it over to another VM?

None of that was necessary.

It works now after replacing the executable (/usr/bin/caja) with the new one, and then running:

killall caja

Still have a mystery as to why when I ran the local copy as:


for some reason, it would run the old code. Anyway, that can be a puzzle for another day.

OK, I think I get it. There must be only one instance of Caja allowed to run. I am curious how that works, and how the whole auto-relaunching thing takes place in OS's in general. I sure get distracted easily! This whole dive into Caja is really just to set up a Linux env to do some h/w dev. lol. Not that anyone cares. lol.

Exactly so. However, caja isn't just "the file manager windows", it's also what manages your desktop, so it's already running by the time you're logged in. That's why you keep getting the "old" code.