Run The Ubiquity Installer Slideshow After Installation


So in a few hours I’m gonna be in an associations forum to show off GNU/Linux to random people, and I was wondering what to put on the screen of the demo machines when no one is using them.

Hey, why not use the installation slideshow?

It’s quite simple to do, at least on 16.04 :

Let’s install the slideshow materials:

sudo apt install ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu-mate

We’ll now recover a script to play the slides:


Let’s make it executable:

chmod +x

And run it with a couple of options:

./ --path=/usr/share/ubiquity-slideshow --locale=‘fr’

Note: the “locale” option is there to define the language used for the slideshow.

Et voilà!


I dig it.


This is great! I’m assuming you can also use this if you’re just testing out a modified slideshow to actually use in a Ubiquity installer for a customized distro? This would be a huge time saver if that’s the case. Is that the case?