Running Ubuntu "gedit" instead of Ubuntu-Mate "gedit"

Running Ubuntu 22.04 Gnome classic and just installed ubuntu-mate-desktop.
While this supports a lot of things that I like which has been removed from
Gnome 3, The ubuntu-mate "gedit" seems to be really barebone.
Is there a way to use the Ubuntu version instead?

Ubuntu Desktop contained the gedit editor; a legacy version of the GNOME text editor, as it uses a GNOME desktop. (My past tense is because its no longer the default GNOME text editor)

The MATE desktop uses the pluma text editor; which yes is extremely similar as it started as a fork of the GNOME text editor back from GNOME2 days.

I'm a lover of my multi-desktop environments, where I have multiple desktops installed & select which I'll use for the session when I login. I just start the editor I want via name...

  • gedit would of course start gedit or that old GNOME text editor
  • pluma would of course start pluma or the MATE text editor

(I'm on lunar or the development release, and my box hasn't got gedit installed as it's no longer a default having been replaced in GNOME; my system has gnome-text-editor instead. Have you tried searching by name?)


If all you want to know is how to install gedit so you can use it instead of pluma, you can use one of these two commands in a terminal:

sudo snap install gedit


sudo apt install gedit

The first installs the Snap package. The second installs the deb package.