S.M.A.R.T data on USB external Seagate - can't be accessed after update

I by previous year a 4TB Seagate USB external drive.
In the beginning as drive is new, I check it its health regularly with standard command like - $ sudo smartclt -a -d sat /dev/sdc - and it list the SMART HDD attribute as it should be, but later after some system updates this command does not work. But found another command that partially works
$ sudo smartclt -a -d scsi /dev/sdc , but unfortunately no SMART listing with it.
Check on solution in internet and found this
so at first look it was not solvable, so wait and wait and even after one year search again on solution on internet to solve it, because I can't check drive health under Linux for this drive.

The fix is this

  1. list USB enclosure id by
    $ sudo lsusb
  2. in grub configuration file /etc/default/grub add a quirk like this (use ID obtained from previous command to replace my drive id 0x0bc2:0x3323 - note about 0x that you add before each id)
  3. update grub configuration after, tot take changes in account
    $ sudo update-grub

As you see, I mention two variants of change, one with the "u" on the end, and other without "u" . This are used too pas a Linux kernel command to use a drive quirk for this drive in first case (quirk for UAS mode), or to disable UAS mode in second case so drive can be accessed in old transfer mode (Bulk only ATA).

For more details of what I mention here, search the net regarding UAS, ATA pass through UAS, ATA PAS Through in Bulk only transfer mode......