SAMBA / MS Office Feedback

This is just some feedback, I believe we must always be able to take some negative feedback as well, that is how we improve any system. Last year August I reported that I can't browse the network using Ubuntu Mate. I did several things as suggested, but I could simply not see the network. That old post is still up. So yesterday I downloaded 16.04.2, in the hope that it would have been sorted. But nope, same issue. Running MS Office 2010 using wine and PlayOnlinux is also extremely slow in Ubuntu Mate. So once again I was forced to return to Mint Mate, as this is my daily driver and I can't have the network not working. Needless to say, all working perfectly out of the box and Office launching in a fraction of the time vs running in Ubuntu Mate. Ubuntu Mate looks like such a great project, and I would love to use the OS, but it simply gives me too many issues once I start using it. Would love to run it one day when all these issues are sorted.

And this is my Mint Mate working perfectly out of the box

I wonder… could someone who has same kind of problems please try if disabling AppArmor helps? Unload profiles with sudo /etc/init.d/apparmor teardown , then try browing the network again.

I would test it myself, but I have no access to a Windows machine (and not using Samba).

From my perspective, Microsoft office is a great software that allows so many applications like word, powerpoint, excel. But currently, I faced some errors from it while I operated the office programs. It was an activation error 0x8004fc12 in office 365. I tried to resolve this problem, but I'd failed. Can anyone tell me how should I remove it?