Samba permission

good afternoon

ubuntu-mate 16.04.6 = samba version 4.3.11-Ubuntu
ubuntu-mate 18.04.4 = samba version 4.7.6-Ubuntu

in the last day or so i believe samba was up dated , you can not edit a file from a share in less you copy or move it to the computer your working on and it looks to me 16.04 wont copy a file to 18.04 it says permission denied. is there any way to fix this .

are you using the same username on both pcs?
How have you set permissions for each pc?

yes i use the same username and password on about 10 pc's
16.04 is set up by means of editing /etc/samba/smb.conf
18.04 most of the time caja share
first noticed the problem with sparkylinux game over and 18.04 mate copying files over my network
some files it was telling me permission denied , then i noticed the problem between 16.04 and 18.04 but it seems to have corrected it's self .

Hi Klein sounds like you have some Samba experience already :grin:
so you probably know about setting linux/samba permissions.
I found the tricky ones are when descend into directory perms are involved. Remember this goes up to the share root.
And also when perms change due to file editing between users, so group membership is important here.
Could I suggest a common-mode setup approach. . . use smb.conf OR caja-share for your config on all pcs. Caja-share sets perms like: " usershare_acl=S-1-1-0:F "
in its share config.
On my network I prefer "easy" permissions like this share config in smb.conf:
comment = Dads Share
path = /home/richard/myshare
guest ok = yes
browseable = yes
create mask = 0660
directory mask = 0775
force user = richard
read only = no

The "force user" and "create masks" are a catch all to keep me sane. The "browsable" and "guest" entries make it easy to find. This may not be secure enough for you, adjust to taste. Hopefully some of this is helpful. Richard.