Scanner that consistently works


I have constant problems with my Canon MG 2220 scanner not working.

Reinstalling drivers does not help.

I am looking for recommendations for another printer/scanner or even just a scanner that will consistently work.



How did your scanner perform when using Ubuntu 16.04? I know I had issues with my LIDE 100 scanner after upgrading to 18.04. It took a patch to the libsane package to correct. Is it possible you have a similar issue?


I am surprised you had problems because according to info here, your printer is completely supported.

My scanner worked flawless with 16.04, something got broke with 18.04.

How could I find out if there is a patch for the Canon mg 2220?


I have always used hp printers and scanners and have never had a problem with them working, currently using and Hp Envy 5530. Good luck in finding a solution.


I don't know if your scanner uses the same drivers, but take a look at How can I repair libsane to make my scanner usable in 18.04 This is what I did to get my scanner working in 16.04.