Scanning duplex HP 8500 Premium

Hey everyone.

I have an HP OfficeJet 8600A Premium multifunction printer. All in all it works great. But I am having trouble with scanning. With simplescan I can use the flatbed part but not the feeder. I tried gscan2pdf and it had trouble starting the scan.

I tried VueScan which works perfectly and does exactly what I need for $79. I was wondering if their were any other suggestions before I bit the bullet and purchased it.


Where did you get the driver from? One built into the Kernel or from Epson’s (well-hidden) open source downloads page?

I am using the hp drivers.

My apologies, HP didn’t get through the early morning fog. I thought it was an Epson model.

I had a similar problem with my hp officejet 8620. I can use the auto feed and it will scan both sides but I have to automatically rotate every other page, does vue scan fix that?