Screen Brightness

I have breathed new life into an ageing Lenovo Thinkpad X60 by increasing the memory and swapping the HDD for a Crucial SSD and installing Ubuntu Mate. It runs well, everything is recognised and I am impressed with the ease of installing and working with it.
The only drawback is the screen brightness when running on battery. oi have searched the forums for an answer but have found nothing that works. I have tried the usual FN+Home but even on maximum it is still to dim, can anyone steer me to finding a solution to this?

Try Control Center, Power Management, on the AC Power tab you should find a setting that reads “Set display brightness to”. Perhaps uncheck the Dim display when idle box.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the suggestion but I have tried that and still no increase in brightness.

Just to cover all bases, you have unchecked the “Reduce backlight brightness” box in the On Battery Power tab, yes?

If that has been done, maybe there is a BIOS setting that covers this? Good luck chris.

Found it, had to go into Bios and change level for both AC and Battery, there is a trade-off with shorter battery life but I can put up with that. Thanks for the help