Screen Sharing Ubuntu-Mate 20.04 Ethernet

I'm seeking help with using my Ubu-Mate 20.04 laptop (old MacBook) as keyboard, screen, mouse and speakers for my (also Desktop i.e. non-server version) Ubu-Mate 20.04 Dell desktop via direct Ethernet wire between them. I generally use the Dell with a 93" 1080p HD monitor (DLP projector) and surround sound system. But of course the projector makes a bit of noise and some extra Summer heat.

I've searched here and out on the wild web, found Ubu mention of vino for 20.04 but of course the Screen Sharing option in Settings is missing and manually installing vino-server via Terminal got me nothing apparent. I then found mention of X2Go and with SW Boutique installed the client version on the MacBook and server version on the Dell. Both now have nice GUI apps, that sadly still do nothing. They both look identical, so maybe the server version I installed on the Dell reverted to Client when installed on the Desktop ubuMat version?

Anyone here managed to get their ubuMate laptop working as an alternative interface to a non-server ubuMate desktop, or have ideas on how could be done?

I had successfully accessed UM 20.04 desktop using x2go client/server solution. Worked out of the box. :man_shrugging:

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Thanks for that hopeful news, even though I'm still stuck as to why simply installing didn't work for me. You mention "client/server" so maybe that's an issue? How did you get the server version installed on the desktop? As mentioned above I installed the server version on the desktop pc, but it shows as client like the client version installed on the laptop.

I'm hoping someone can outline simple steps or suggest a source for them. Again, if I find something or manage to get it working I'll report back.

As far as I remember, I have followed instructions from DigitalOcean:

Well, surely I had not installed desktop environment because I had it on my desktop already. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

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