Screensaver never activates

I notice that my screensaver never kicks in. The screen just goes blank. Anyone have an idea what is causing this? have attempted to correct in control panel but no luck.

Could your DISPLAY: "put you display to sleep when inactive for ?" under power management be a shorter amount of time than your "activate screensaver when computer is Idle" time under screensaver?
i.e. 10 minutes sleep
i.e. 12 minutes screensaver

Sleep is set to "never" and screensaver is set for 30 minutes. Thanks for the reply.

I use um 20.4 with latest desktop from ppa...
I think there are some software issues in that area.
Also screen lock is randomly working or not... Maybe some ubuntu and mate desktop issues or ubuntu and kernel video drivers, or just simple screen saver issues, maybe it works ok in latest release or the next that will come 22.04...

My first guess would be that the screensaver crashed before it could kick in, there are some issues in that area.

try this:
ps -A |grep mate-screensave

If it doesn't show any output, then your screensaver did crash (or didn't start at all )

Found the solution: Went to startup applications (in control panel) and created an app by clicking the add button. Input the following in the new app.

Name: Stop Screen Blanking
command: xset -dpms s off s noblank s 0 0 s noexpose
comments: This prevents the screen from going blank.
Delay: 0

Save, then reboot and the screensaver now works. Hope this helps out.

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