Script not responding Firefox

When trying to enter my password for 1Password Anywhere in Firefox, I get a notice that a “script” is not responding. I’m assuming this is referring to Javascript. I have ensured that IcedTea is installed and allowed to run in all the ways that I know how. As far as I know, this is the only page I am having difficulty with. I believe it is more to do with Dropbox than 1Pass in itself. Any suggestions on how I can get this working? I’m kind of DOA without 1Pass.

If you only want dropbox check this link:

Or this maybe help more.

It may be a bug with the program, try if this affects another web browser (e.g. Chromium) and/or consider filling a report.

I will address all suggestions in order. Thanks for the attempts:

  1. The only reason I have Dropbox is for 1PasswordAnywhere. I wouldn’t have Dropbox at all otherwise.

  2. There is no “social fixer” addon in my Firefox.

  3. Doesn’t work with Midori either and I WISH Chromium was available for PowerPC.

Other things I tried were:

  1. Starting Firefox in safe mode with all extensions disabled.

  2. about:config > dom.max_script_run_time > set it to 20 and then 30 as suggested here:
    I also tried adding the YesScript extension and blacklisting as mentioned later on.

  3. about:config > javascript.options.baselinejit to true. It was already set to true.

May be time to consider migrating to KeePass if I can’t get this sorted. Although, this is a totally experimental PowerPC, “Just to say I can run Linux on it” machine anyhow. It’s nowhere near a daily driver so, I guess it’s not that big a deal.

My guess is that javascript in Firefox on PPC is just not fast enough due to the older chip and much less optimization in the javascript engine. I don’t think Spidermonkey (Firefox’s javascript engine) includes a JIT compiler for PPC, so it’s just using the interpreter, which is a whole lot slower for this sort of thing.

(Edit: Not having a version of their javascript engine V8 on PPC is the reason there’s no Chromium, so at least Firefox can work for most things.)

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