SD Card Reader not working Ubuntu MATE 20.10

For some reason, I am not able to use my microSD Card reader on my Ubuntu MATE 20.10 laptop. I restarted the OS multiple times and the device still does not appear when attempting to be in use.

Laptop - Thinkpad E595 Ryzen 5 3500U

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SD Card readers are notoriously prone to hardware problems -- if nothing else, the pins that are supposed to contact the card rarely are bent enough at the factory. That said, I don't suggest you bend the pins just yet; but first, unplug the card one more time and re-insert it into the reader. If that still doesn't work, upload the output of the command:

dmesg a post here.

Believe me, half the time I can't read SD or microSD cards on my hardware -- it's always (so far!) been caused by faulty hardware or the pins being dirty.

Having issues uploading the output.... Is there something I can pipe in to condense the output?

You can upload the output the Pastebin and paste the link here

sudo dmesg --clear will clear the output to focus only you need

Plug the card

sudo dmesg it will print only the messages arrived after you have cleared the logs.