Sdb2 mount error


After OS crash, I'm getting the following when trying to mount external drive.

Error mounting /dev/sdb2 at /media/user1/3TB: Unknown error when mounting /dev/sdb2.

I couldn't find anything that related on Ubuntu forum.

Any suggestions on how to correct?


Hi you don't mention how sdb2 was formatted. Dual boot. Worked correctly before crash you indicate it did. Can use Disks to find.

Some possible information here on ntfs formatted drive:
I have no clue just offering something to look at.

Edit: Do you have another drive to try? I'm running three. Might point to OS problem if another drive errors the same. Drives don't like being interupted while working. Just another thought.


Found a fix on YouTube. Fixed it with sudo ntfsfix /dev/sdb2. Unmounted drive and shut it down. Re-booted, started drive. Came up fine.

Appreciate everyone looking.